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Autumn Sorrells

As a sibling to a beautiful woman with learning differences, Autumn's career path in behavior therapy was a natural and enthusiastic choice. A behaviorist for 15 years, Autumn is a certified Autism Specialist, with experience in ABA.


Autumn obtained a Masters degree from Purdue University and after many years working in the medical research field, Autumn found learning differences are not unique to the Spectrum. Instead, we are all unique and deserving of compassion in our ever evolving approaches to life. 

Most importantly, we all deserve the chance to learn how to live fulfilling lives. Autumn's passion is working with people with learning differences to develop behaviors they feel will increase the joy they experience in life.


Children hold a special place in Autumn's heart. They inspired the development of Treehouse Tribe and they continue to be her best teachers.


Jessica Ruth

Jessica completed her B.A. degree from the University of California Santa Cruz in Neuroscience and Behavior as well as a teaching credential and M.A. degree from San Francisco State in the Moderate/Severe Disabilities program. Jessica holds an Autism Specialization Certificate and has extensive experience working with the Autistic community. She served as a master teacher and presenter for SFSU, helping to educate future teachers in best practices and inclusion. As part of a team, Jessica presented at Cal-TASH on Helping Achieve Success Through Partial Participation for Students with Significant Disabilities. 


Over the past 11 years, she has had the opportunity of working with individuals with different abilities ranging from age 2-22 in a variety of educational and community settings.  Jessica has training and experience in Universal Design for Learning, Response to Intervention,  Applied Behavior Analysis, Floortime, Pivotal Response Training, Integrated Play Groups, Social Thinking Curriculum, Conscious Discipline, TEACCH, PECS, AAC devices/Apps, American Sign Language, Sibshops, Common Core Curriculum and Standards, Early Literacy Skills Builder, Early Reading Skills Builder, Pathways to Literacy, Handwriting without Tears, Early Numeracy, EQUALs Mathematics, TouchMath, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids and Teens.


Jessica is extremely passionate about inclusive practices and advocating for children and families. As a collegiate tennis player, and RYT-200 yoga teacher, she is very enthusiastic about getting children involved in physical activity or whatever brings them happiness. Jessica believes that the joy in life comes from feeling accomplished and loved and strives to spread awareness and meaning to all those she comes in contact with.

Treehouse Tribe Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to destigmatizing disability and promoting inclusion by educating children with respectful and appropriate information to support the formation of authentic and reciprocal friendships. We are committed to embracing diversity, promoting community acceptance, and providing every child with the opportunity to meaningfully participate in educational and social activities.