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Downward Dog with Dogs


Inclusive Intro Into Dog Behavior and Care Course

Your child will be paired with a trained social peer and a SPCA certified trained dog. These dogs are used regularly to work with high risk children and hospital patients. They have demonstrated low to no startle to loud noises, fast movements, and grabbing in order to become a certified training dog. I have personally worked with these dogs and they are truly bomb proof.

Parents are invited to relax and observe the class through a glass wall in the adjacent room or drop off and pick up child. If you have an aide that you would like to send with your child, they are welcome to join us, otherwise, we have 3 adults to lead and manage the class.  


We hope you will join us. Payments can be made in check or cash or THT can invoice the family if you prefer to pay by credit/debit. Thank you so much, we hope to hear from you soon!


201 Alabama street, San Francisco

Length: 90 minutes

One Day Session $150

Package of (3) Sessions $425

Check back regularly for current class offerings!