Let the Children be our Guides

We can help you find activities that your special needs child can participate in along side of caring, neuro-typical children. We know from research that children are the most effective teachers for other children. Our trained volunteers will model social skills using a naturalistic approach. Join one of our peer group sessions or sign up for a large group event to meet us!


Get Treehouse Tribe Certified

At Treehouse Tribe, we understand that change begins with our children. We have created a certification program that helps build a supportive and inclusive student community, giving parents and contributors a sigh of relief when sending their children off to school. This certification has a built in anti-bullying curriculum in addition to ability awareness and social peer development. Contact us for a free consult to have your school Treehouse Tribe Certified!


Be the Change you Wish to See in this World

In addition to the free, fun activities that they participate in, our child volunteers enjoy incentive programs from companies across the Bay Area. We also provide certificates of volunteer credits for students applying to college or private schools. Sign up your interested child to learn how to work with kids with special needs. Adults and donators also welcomed!

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